"Very thorough, knowledgeable, and I love the way Dr. Hess never seems rushed and takes time to discuss things in a relaxed manner."
D. Osborne

"I was so sad to find out moments before coming in that my friend's puppy had to be put down because of Parvo. I was panicked about my own dog having it too, and the professional sitting at the front desk wrote down everything for me so that I did no have to try to remember what the Dr. was saying. This was extremely helpful because I was not processing what was being said, just stressed! The staff is so compassionate and knowledgeable and were so helpful during this stressful time. Also very reasonable pricing (bonus!)."
C. Benedetti

"We were so happy that Drs. Hess and Malinas (MacLellan) opened their own clinic. Dr. Hess has taken care of our cats and our dog for almost 10 years. She identified and repaired a broken bone in our cat's hip that no one else had found. It made a huge difference in our cat's quality of life and turned her from a recluse into a pet who loved playing and interacting with us. She and Dr. Malinas have also taken good care of our large mixed breed dog who will be 15 years old in a few months. He's had tumors and other issues but thanks to early diagnosis and loving care, he's living into a healthy and active old age. The veterinarians and staff at Sage are friendly, caring and very competent. We live in South Reno and although it can seem like a long drive to their office in Sparks, I'm willing to make the drive because I trust them to take the best possible care of our pets."
P. Martin

"Thank you for taking the time to sit on the floor so my dog could get used to you and feel safe."
A. Campana

"Loved the way our cat, Ginger, was handled by you all! No neck grabbing...thank you!!"
N. Tiner

"Appearance is awesome. Very clean and comfortable. You can tell the staff really care about the cleanliness of the place. Staff was very helpful and nice. Very knowledgeable and the doctor and assistant are very sweet! They answered my questions thoroughly and the doctor gives you examples, which is definitely helpful. I've taken my cats to other vets and this is by far the BEST place! I enjoyed my experience here and I'm making this my cat's vet. I'm going to recommend everyone to Sage Veterinary Care! Dr. Kelly is the best! Thanks."
S. Dufoe

"Accommodating me and my furball of a friend, despite it being absolute last second. I really appreciate that everyone was willing to assist me in such a last-minute vet situation. Also, everyone was super nice. Which is always good. I work in the pet food industry, I often send people your way who are looking for a new vet. The fact that Dr. Kelly donates her time to Pet Rescue says a lot about who she is and how much she cares for animals. Well, when it comes to animal care, I prefer to know my vet actually likes animals."
G. Chambers

"Clean and professional. Extremely organized and accommodating. Extremely knowledgeable and most of all caring toward my little dog."
H. Clement

"It's a great facility and easy to find. Dr. Hess knows bunnies as well as any vet we have ever visited including the "official vet practice" in Oakland CA for the House Rabbit Society where they neuter and spay over 1500 rabbits a year. Her explanation of everything was completely understandable and the written instructions were easy to follow. The very fact that Dr. Hess is on most Saturdays is a comforting thought to us as our bunnies seemed to get critically ill on weekends and emergency clinics to not treat lagomorphs. We were ecstatic to have her answer the phone that morning. We will continue to come to you for treatment in the future despite the 25 mile distance. It is so worth it. Many thanks again!"
M. Bottom

"Really great veterinary care practice. I've followed Dr. Kelly for years. Karen and Sarah are wonderful technicians...friendly and really caring. Clean and great with all types of animals. Wonderful and thank you for all of your help."
B. Williams

"Love your office...excellent communication, good instructions, love having the handouts for the birds."
C. Strand

"Staff and facility have always impressed us. Always impressed with the attention given to our animals and to us. Shows your staff really cares and we are not just another customer. We continue to refer our friends and acquaintances to Sage. We have been extremely happy with Dr. Hess for many years."
J. Sullivan

"You guys are great. If anyone ever asks about a vet, you guys are the only one I recommend. You are always kind and patient. You truly love animals. Thank you."
J. Flanagan