Talya - Veterinary Technician in Training
Amber - Veterinary Assistant
Parker - Veterinary Technician in Training
Tandle - Veterinary Assistant
Maggie - Veterinary Assistant
Sydney - Veterinary Assistant
Aspen - Veterinary Assistant
Tricia - Veterinary Receptionist
Jacquie - Veterinary Receptionist


Murray, Client Greeter
Murray, the female African Grey Parrot, was born in 1994 in Indiana. She moved to NV in 2005 wit her family including Dr Dawn Hess. She has been the official greeter at Sage Veterinary Care since our opening in May 2014. You will usually see her in her enclosure in the waiting area . You will definitely hear her all over the practice chatting, cracking jokes, saying good bye, and imitating anything and everything. Did you know African Greys have an average vocabulary of 3,000 to 6,000 words? And although they do repeat things, they are not just mimicking sounds and words. Its like having a 7 year old child forever integrating information, learning, and exploring!