Bicom 2000

Bicom is a painless diagnostic and therapeutic technique based on concepts of acupuncture and quantum physics. It originated in Germany in the 1970's and grew out of biophysic research in Germany, Britain and the United States showing that living things produce electromagnetic fields, or bioresonance, that naturally regulates biochemistry. This information can be used to diagnose and treat problems using the filters on the Bicom machine and manipulation of these frequencies.

This practice is widespread in Europe and Australia in human medicine. There are growing numbers of us using Bicom here in the U.S. particularly for treatment of chronic and allergic problems. I personally have been using Bicom since 2008 and have seen very good results with allergies, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, chronic G.I. disease, chronic pain, chronic fungal infections, and complicated hormonal disorders. It won't cure cancer or fix a broken bone but I use it, often combined with western medicine, to achieve better results than either one used alone.

Please do research on your own to see if this is an alternative therapy you would be interested in using to treat one of your animal family members. Some websites that will get you started are as follows: