Avian Medicine & Surgery

At this time, Dr. Hess is not accepting any new avian patients. She is happy to continue treatment for established avian patients.

Birds require very different care than dogs, cats and other species. Exotics in general hide illness too well until it's advanced but birds even more so! So often the history I receive on a first time bird visit is "Dr.,she was fine yesterday and today she is puffed up and sitting on the bottom of the cage!" That bird is extremely ill! Instincts tell her to hide illness for survival reasons so too often that patient has been hiding the illness for weeks, months, or even years! Diet and husbandry are so important in avian patients to prevent illness. Even if your bird appears healthy, we recommend a yearly physical exam and fecal gram stain as a baseline to give us the opportunity to discuss what we can to do help keep your bird doing well and prevent some of those health issues. Please call to schedule an avian exam today! You will find a sample of our avian history form online to fill out prior to your visit to help streamline your visit and give you the chance to gather that all important history before you arrive.